Thursday, June 23, 2011

GDC Study and Curriculum Guides

Back when Green Dragon Codex first came out, the teen review site named it a Top Choice. Ten out of ten, in fact. Why mention this now? Because as the site has grown, they’ve reached the point where people are seeking educational resources on the books they’ve reviewed. It just so happens that I have some for GDC. In fact, I wrote them. And I’m afraid that in the two years since they haven’t been used once. I’m not even sure anyone has looked at them.

It’s too bad, too. Because the guides are excellent, if I say so myself. There are two: a study guide for students and a curriculum guide for teachers that includes information on how to use GDC and the guides to teach. They are each almost 40% as long as the novel and include all kinds of exercises, questions, and entire lessons, all ready to use. I developed it using the Granite School District 3-6th curriculum, so we’re talking educationally diverse and dense material here. It took me a week solid to create it, and that after the time spent researching other guides and what curriculum to include and such.

Too bad it’s never been used.

Now, I really hope it will be. I’ve included links to both guides on’s GDC page. So if you’re an educator or a parent looking for ready-made educational resources on a fun book, check it out or recommend it to your child’s teacher, whatever. These materials can help kids learn. I hope they don’t continue to go to waste.

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