Monday, March 14, 2011

Me and the IRA

Just got a call from Rick Walton. (Yes, the picture book writer who will one day soon conquer the world with his army of indebted authors.) Turns out that he's schedule to speak to the Jordan Council of the IRA at 4:30 today and may not make it, so I have volunteered to show up and help out. If he’s there, great, we’ll do just fine. If he isn’t, I’ll do my best to survive. We’ll be talking about teaching writing, teachers as writers, that kind of stuff. Should be fun.

With such late notice, I feel like I should have some special red phone or something that lights up when the call comes in.

One last thing: doesn’t IRA stand for the Irish Republican Army? Rick mentioned that, and now I’m thinking this might be one of the most interesting speaking engagements of my experience. We’ll see.

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